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Now Soon Someday (12")

Now Soon Someday (12")

Label: Warp Records
Cat No: WAP167

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A1. Structure Tone
A2. Win Or Lose You Lose
A3. Mutescreamer (EL P Remix)
A4. Databreaker

B1. Gold Skull
B2. Composition In Void
B3. Crevice
B4. Mutescreamer (Prefuse 73 Remix)
B5. Mutescreamer (EL P Remix Instrumental)


Beans - Now Soon Someday

A 9-track mini-album from Beans released between debut LP Tomorrow Right Now and follow-up Shock City Maverick. Features a bunch of exclusive tracks plus remixes of previous single Mutescreamer by El-P and Prefuse 73.

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