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Shock City Maverick (2LP)

Shock City Maverick (2LP)

Label: Warp Records
Cat No: WARLP125

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A1. Light Of The Damned 1:33
A2. Papercut 2:30
A3. Blind Driver 2:32

B1. Shards Of Glass 3:24
B2. You're Dead, Let's Disco 4:23
B3. City Hawk 2:56

C1. Shock City Maverick 3:03
C2. Death By Sophistication 2:47
C3. Interval 2:42
C4. Down By Law 3:02

D1. A Force On Edge 3:49
D2. I'll Melt You 2:51
D3. Diamond Halo Grenade 3:42


For Beans' second solo LP he eschews the far-out-of-leftfield experimentation you might have come to expect from the Anti-Pop Consortium member, in favour of a more jump-up party ready album. That's not to say it sounds like Jay-Z - there's still just enough out-there inventiveness to keep the Warp-heads happy. Shock City Maverick is one of the finer records in the Anti-Pop canon that manages to balance that elusive fine line of innovation and accessibility.

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