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Laurent Garnier

Unreasonable Behaviour (2LP)

Label: F Communications
Cat No: F 115 DLP

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A1. Dangerous Drive 9:05
A2. Le Groove De Ta Mère 6:20

B1. Downfall 5:39
B2. The Sound Of The Big Babou 7:23
B3. City Sphere (Sax Mix) 6:15

C1. Smart Move 7:30
C2. The Man With The Red Face 9:15

D1. Greed 1 (12" Mix) 5:08
D2. Greed 2 (Long Version) 7:31
D3. Last Tribute From The 20th Century 5:18


Laurent Garnier's double LP from 2000 featuring the classic techno of 'Downfall', 'The Sound of the Big Babou' and 'The Man with the Red Face' amongst many others.