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Trần Uy Đức

S/T compilation (Ltd cassette w/ DL code)

S/T compilation (Ltd cassette w/ DL code)

Label: dispari
Cat No: dispari004

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Trần Uy Đức – S/T compilation

Ltd 100 copies

Comes with download code

"Dispari introduces you to Hanoi-based Vietnamese artist Trần Uy Đức. Carried by large curiosity, urgency and delight, their sonic expression can be grasped as a self-exploration which is touchingly intimate, fragile, rebellious and conciliating. In their own words:

"It's my desire to escape into this person I don't know.

Die, orphaned kite flutes.

Watch me escape the orphaned kite flutes.

If you beat it up many times.

Don’t, don't, he predict thunder.

Who asked me tonight to explain one, two, two miracles.

Same problem.


I'm singing for my body.“

Trần Uy Đức"



A1. First 2:58
A2. Interlude Make Him Say Again 0:16
A3. And More 2:12
A4. Asking For Gyrations 1:54
A5. What Doesn’t 1:16
A6. Clean... 1:48
A7. Afternoon With My Beagle 2:07
A8. I Wrong Hub 3:20
A9. Tribalica11 2:24
A10. Opening 3:06

B1. 11 1:55
B2. Fear And Expectation 3:17
B3. Master 2:16
B4. Love Is A Booster 2:10
B5. No 1:44
B6. Peacetheatre 2:40
B7. Cosy 2:38
B8. Freebitch1 0:25
B9. First – Farewell 3:32

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