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Boards of Canada

Tomorrow's Harvest (2LP)

Tomorrow's Harvest (2LP)

Label: Warp Records
Cat No: WARPLP257

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A1. Gemini 2:56
A2. Reach For The Dead 4:47
A3. White Cyclosa 3:13
A4. Jacquard Causeway 6:35

B1. Telepath 1:32
B2. Cold Earth 3:42
B3. Transmisiones Ferox 2:18
B4. Sick Times 4:16
B5. Collapse 2:49

C1. Palace Posy 4:05
C2. Split Your Infinities 4:28
C3. Uritual 1:59
C4. Nothing Is Real 3:52
C5. Sundown 2:16

D1. New Seeds 5:39
D2. Come To Dust 4:07
D3. Semena Mertvykh 3:30


Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

The long-awaited return of Mike and Marcus (Eoin) Sandison sees them ditching the sun-bleached Americana and happy/sad LSD-inspired guitar washes of The Campfire Headphase in favour of sheer post-apocalyptic, paranoid dread - in our opinion this is a very welcome change. They have clearly been listening to a lot of horror soundtracks too - perhaps this one in particular - and BOC with spine-tingling terror was never going to be a bad mix.

From the John Carpenter/John Harrison inspired synth-stab arpeggios of White Cyclosa and Reach For The Dead, through to the cold, ominous and epic dystopian outings of Cold Earth and Come To Dust, there's nothing to disappoint here at all.

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