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Alden Tyrell

Times Like These (1999-2006) (2LP)

Times Like These (1999-2006) (2LP)

Label: Clone
Cat No: C#46

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A1. La Voix feat. Nancy Fortune 5:36
A2. Odessa Theme 6:55

B1. Love Explosion 05 feat. Fred Ventura 5:23
B2. Knockers 5:29

C1. Mindless 5:44
C2. Voyagers End 5:15

D1. Rendez Vous At Rimini 5:26
D2. Disco Lunar Module 5:06
D3. Hills Of Honolulu 4:48


Alden Tyrell - Times Like These (1999-2006)

With Times Like These, the in-house Clone engineer delivers his full length homage to futuristic Italo disco and electro.

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