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Lorenzo Senni

Superimpositions (LP)

Superimpositions (LP)

Label: Boomkat Editions
Cat No: BKEDIT010

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Lorenzo Senni ‎– Superimpositions

A1. Happic 4:14
A2. Elegant, And Never Tiring 5:46
A3. Zeroth-order Approximation 2:20
A4. Superimpositions 5:42

B1. Forever Headline 7:43
B2. Xxx1 2:42
B3. PointillisticT 3:13


Lorenzo Senni ‎– Superimpositions

"The conceptual sibling to his blinding 'Quantum Jelly' side for Editions Mego in 2012, 'Superimpositions' finds the Milan-based multi-disciplinary artist and owner of the brilliant Presto!? Records accelerating and evolving his idea of "Pointillistic Trance" - an ascetic, extreme approach to the aesthetics of '90s-style trance/hard-trance - in a broader range of song structures, hyper-lucid moiré patterns, and tantric dancefloor arrangements. Again, he "plays" a computer-controlled JP8000 Roland Digital-Analog Modelled S-Source Synthesiser to juice the most potent, searing saw wave arpeggios and spiralling melodies, finding the biting point between real-time, hands-on, emotive human input, and the sleek tension of synthesis.

From the serotonin-flooding rush of opener 'Happic' to the beautiful come down of 'PointillistiC', the album plays out a sisyphean struggle for deferred gratification, challenging limbic systems and our sense of equilibrioception thru the spine-tingling aerobic coefficients of 'Elegant, And Never Tiring' and the scything, strobing rhythmelody of the title track, to peak with the palpitating surge of 'Forever Headline' at its white hot core. It's all more effective than a triple-barelled mitsi in the jacksy, and hasn't been off our turntable all summer..." - Boomkat Editions

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