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Shackleton With Anika

Behind The Glass (2LP)

Behind The Glass (2LP)

Label: Woe To The Septic Heart

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Shackleton With Anika – Behind The Glass

A collaborator of Jandek and Michael Rother, amongst others, Anika spins a surreal tale of longing and fate, with a quasi-religious delivery in deadpan counterpoint to its account of lust and fury, domination and submission.

Shackleton's vivid, detailed sound-world is an inimitable blend of his own devotional and trance styles — lingeringly melodic, sometimes atonal, with odd, overlain time signatures, and a general, imperious disregard for conventional song-making.



A1. Endless Memento
A2. Regression
A3. Wading Through The Underworld

B1. The Future Is Hurt
B2. Dirt And Fields

C1. Hinter Der Vitrine

D1. Our Sharpened Blade
D2. Rid Yourself Of The Parasites
D3. Endless Longing

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