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Various - Post Punk/Industrial

Nine O'Clock Drop (2LP)

Nine O'Clock Drop (2LP)

Label: Nuphonic
Cat No: NUX 151

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A1. 23 Skidoo - Coup 4:13
A2. Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix) 3:35
A3. The Normal - Warm Leatherette 3:20
A4. Shriekback - My Spine (Is The Bassline) 3:58

B1. Colourbox - Looks Like We're Shy One Horse/Shoot Out 7:57
B2. Gina X Performance - Nice Mover 4:31
B3. 23 Skidoo - Vegas El Bandito 2:45

C1. Torch Song - P2E (Remix) 5:07
C2. Aswad - Warrior Charge 5:47
C3. Chris & Cosey - October (Love Song) '86 Version 3:51

D1. Quando Quango - Genius 6:23
D2. A Certain Ratio - Waterline 4:05
D3. 400 Blows - Black And White Mix Up 4:52


Various - Nine O'Clock Drop

Incredible compilation of late 70s/early 80s electronic-leaning post punk and industrial put together by Andrew Weatherall in 2000. Best summed up in this short RBMA exchange between Jeff Barrett and Weatherall (full interview here):

JEFF BARRETT: I wanted to talk to you about the compilation, Nine O'Clock Drop (2000, Nuphonic). That record was so different to anything else that was around when it came out.

ANDREW WEATHERALL: That record was me recreating a mixtape I had for years. It was one I’d made in the mid-’80s. Every week on a Friday night, me and a couple of friends used to drop acid at 9pm, whether we were together or not. We knew we’d eventually meet up and go to the Mud Club or somewhere. The test of whether the acid was working was when we got to Heston Services. If the kids’ playground bit was beginning to take on different forms then you knew you were in for a good ride. I always used to find with acid that the grass and vegetation would always go a really vivid green. I had a brief chat with the guy who did the artwork [for Nine O’Clock Drop] and didn’t really prime him about how to make it look. When the cover came back, God knows how, it was exactly the same colour as the grass used to be when I was tripping.

JEFF: The record I loved that I’d forgotten about on there was "Coup" by 23 Skidoo. That was a big record for me when it came out. None of those tracks had been compiled before.

ANDREW: I could have chosen much more obscure tracks than I did but I really didn’t want to. The album was the soundtrack to me getting ready to go out. I don’t think it’s a natural thing for people to listen to challenging, obscure music when they’re getting ready to go out. Much as I love Throbbing Gristle, I don’t want to listen to "Hamburger Lady" whilst applying make up and putting a frock on.

JEFF: It’s interesting that records like ESG and Liquid Liquid hadn’t really been pored over at that point.

ANDREW: I used to pick up records from The Cage record shop in the market in Chelsea, halfway down the King’s Road. It was in the same place that Don Letts used to have ACME Attractions, but it was a few years after that. The shop was a big metal cage in the middle of the market – they used to sell early Belgian electronic records and post-punk stuff. Actually, maybe I’m painting a far more interesting picture of the shop than is actually true.

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