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You Speak What I Feel

My Good Friends Tell Me That (12)

My Good Friends Tell Me That (12)

Label: Boomkat Editions
Cat No: BK12X1203

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A1. My Good Friends Tell Me That


"You Speak What I Feel are Terre Thaemlitz (DJ Sprinkles), Mark Fell + Mat Steel (SND), presenting here a previously unheard House killer produced in 2002 and completely destroying us!!!!

Next in our 12 x 12 series is this total fxcking peach of a collaboration made in 2002 by three peers with a mutual passion for the deepest, original NYC garage and house grooves. It’s the first time that longtime friends Sprinkles and SND have used their collective handle You Speak What I Feel since an appearance on a Comatonse 10th Anniversary Compilation back in 2003, and finds the trio at their deadliest; producing a deep-as-anything, peak-time doozy riding a strolling bassline, pointillist claps and effervescent chords for 10 minutes of swingers’ bliss.

Since the late ‘80s, on either side of the Atlantic - Thaemlitz in the depths of NYC; Steel + Fell in the pivotal Sheffield rave scene - both groups of operators were indelibly influenced by the sensuality and egalitarian politics of the House music movement which had spread from marginalised Gay and Black communities in urban American cities to take root in places such as Northern England, where, back then, as now, many young people felt an instinctive affinity with house music and its origins.

By the late ‘90s Thaemlitz was established as a hugely individual artist and DJ blurring the distinctions between ambient, concrète and dancefloor musics. A few years later, In 1998, Fell + Steel forged their SND alias in Sheffield with a series of records that radically reduced garage to its barest essence. Fast forward a couple of years and it was only a matter of time before the trio would consolidate their discrete, cerebral and deeply sound-sensitive approaches in the most devastating fashion imaginable.

Made in 2002, at a time when House was firmly into its ‘mnml’ phase, and original Garage was reserved to weekenders or sped-up, 2-stepped and hyper, the elegant gait and sublimely tactile insistence of My Good Friends Tell Me That is a rare, exceptional example of producers returning to and reworking the foundational template and cooking up something fresh yet timelessly future-proofed in the process.

It’s a prime example of economy, discipline and restraint at the service of hedonism and a deep burning emotive grip, and we’re immensely proud to make it available for public consumption for the first time, at long last."

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