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Matthew Bourne

Désinances (LP)

Désinances (LP)

Label: Sähkö Recordings
Cat No: PUU-50

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Matthew Bourne – Désinances

In 2021, after various releases for The Leaf Label, and many other exciting collaborations in the world of jazz, electronics, the avant-garde and contemporary classical (including releases with Keith Tippett, Amon Tobin and John Zorn), English jazz pianist Matthew Bourne delivered this excellent long-player for Sähkö Recordings.  Désinances is a stunning collection of stark and minimalist solo piano recordings conjuring an equally uneasy and exciting atmosphere to get lost in.

"Désinances is a collection of pieces taken from two contrasting recording sessions. The first was intended as a set of raw materials made specifically for a collaborative project with Franck Vigroux, and provided the impetus for the making of this album, with the second following on shortly afterwards. Both occasions yielded different musical results, yet possess a similar intention - owing something to the liminality of crepuscular daylight and the nighttime darkness during which they were both recorded." SÄHKÖ RECORDINGS / PUU



A1. I 6:04
A2. II 2:26
A3. III 6:25
A4. IV 6:06
B1. V 3:49
B2. VI 5:33
B3. VII 6:15
B4. VIII 6:04


A1. I 


A2. II




A4. IV


B1. V


B2. VI





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