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Buck 65

Man Overboard (2LP)

Man Overboard (2LP)

Label: Anticon
Cat No: ABR0015

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The original 2001 pressing was released without any track titles - these were later assigned on a subsequent re-release and are listed below

A1. Off And Running 3:10
A2. Plastic Bags 4:17
A3. Up The Middle 4:53
A4. Hats On Beds 5:31

B1. Lil' Taste Of Poland 3:11
B2. Sunday Driver 2:00
B3. Can Of Worms 3:22
B4. You Know The Science 3:20

C1. Achilles And The Tortoise 7:19
C2. Coleco Vision 9:32

D1. Azazellos Cream 1:27
D2. Secret Splendor 6:43
D3. Pants On Fire 6:24
D4. Mudslide 3:54


Buck 65 - Man Overboard

Original (and now hard to find) Anticon pressing of Buck 65's Man Overboard LP.

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