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Madvillainy 2 Boxset (7, CD, Tape etc)

Madvillainy 2 Boxset (7, CD, Tape etc)

Label: Stones Throw Records
Cat No: STH2199

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Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix (CD)

01. Pow! (Intro)     
02. No Brain     
03. Pearls     
04. Light Of The Past     
05. Boulder Holder     
06. Borrowed Time     
07. Coast 2 Coast     
08. Invazion (Interlude)     
09. Draino     
10. Fire In The Hole     
11. Bejezus     
12. Monkey Suit     
13. Fluid (Instrumental)     
14. Can't Reform Em     
15. Redd Spot (Interlude)     
16. Running Around With Another     
17. Butter King Jewels     
18. The Sermon     
19. Blueberry Fields (Instrumental)     
20. Pi     
21. Confucius Spot (Interlude)     
22. Never Go Pop     
23. Savage (Instrumental)     
24. The Cold One     
25. The Cold One (Reprise)     

Madvillain Demo (Cassette)

A1. One False Move     
A2. America's Most Blunted     
A3. Operation Lifesaver     
A4. Figaro     
A5. Rainbows     
A6. Just For Kicks     

B1. Fancy Clown     
B2. Shades Of Tomorrow?     
B3. Money Folder     
B4. Stakes     
B5. All Caps     
B6. One False Move
Fan Club 45 #29 (7 inch)

A1. One Beer (Drunk Version)


This is a limited edition box set featuring a CD, a cassette, a single-sided 7-inch single, a T-shirt and a comic book (included in the CD booklet). The 7-inch single is #29 in Stones Throw's limited-edition Fan Club 45 series. The 45 and CD have different catalog numbers. The "ST36" on the cassette refers to the total running time of the cassette.

This is boxset unplayed/unused. 7" is NM, CD is NM, Tape is NM (none of these have been played). T-shirt has not been worn. Magnetized cardbox is NM but the silver cardboard outer slipcase has a few light scuffs.

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