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LP5 (2LP)

LP5 (2LP)

Label: Warp Records
Cat No: WARPLP66

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A1. Acroyear 2 8:39
A2. 777 5:49

B1. Rae 7:13
B2. Melve 1:14
B3. Vose In 5:21
B4. Fold 4, Wrap 5 3:58

C1. Under BOAC 6:22
C2. Corc 5:50
C3. Caliper Remote 1:40

D1. Arch Carrier 6:49
D2. Drane 2 9:39


For us here at Spectrum City this is perhaps the Sheffield duo's finest hour - and one of the finest Electronica/IDM releases of all time. LP5 represents that moment just before Autechre dropped off the grid of accessibility into a brave new world of sonic exploration.

For their fifth album Sean Booth and Rob Brown give us a strong hint of the arrhythmic and defiant experimentation yet to come whilst perfectly balancing the bass-heavy, 4/4 hip hop and electro inspired innovation prevalent on their first few releases, giving us the best of both worlds. Perfect.

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