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Beastie Boys

Love American Style EP (12")

Love American Style EP (12")

Label: Grand Royal
Cat No: GR 064

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A1. Shake Your Rump
A2. Hey Ladies

B1. 33% God
B2. Dis Yourself In '89 (Just Do It)


Beastie Boys - Love American Style EP

This is the 1998 Grand Royal reissue of the seminal Paul's Boutique era EP 'Love American Style'. Essentially a double a-side single featuring the LP's two party-rocking highlights 'Shake Your Rump' and 'Hey Ladies', it's the b-side that makes this release a must have even if the album's already in your collection...

Rather than just providing the standard instrumentals of the a-side tracks (as per the norm) the Beasties and their producers The Dust Brothers decided to re-work both tracks into two differing, electro-tinged, edit crazy instrumental records - '33% God' and 'Dis Yourself In 89 (Just Do It)' respectively - which both stand up to their original versions and bang just as hard in any club from '89 to the present day. Essential.

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