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LNS – Misiats (EP)

LNS – Misiats (EP)

Label: Counter 99
Cat No: COUNT04

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LNS – Misiats EP

The 4th release on the low-key label run by Going Good co-founder Salik. LNS shows her versatile production and writing skills with this eclectic EP, leaning more towards an organic, percussive, folk inspired sound, with a hint of dub added for good measure. A style which might not be as familiar as her more ‘electronic’ sounding releases over the years on labels such as, Freakout Cult, 1080p, Wania and Tresor.

The organic feel is highlighted through guest appearance on flute by Nadia Sparrow (A2. Birch / B1. Shale) and the hypnotic Ukrainian folk singers’ chanting on title track Misiats. As well as the percussive work out, Pizzica Tarantata n.014 rework, remastered for this EP.

"In 2019 I made "Misiats" based on the Ukrainian folk song "Oy, ty misyatsyu / Ой, ти місяцю" ("Oh you are the moon, I'm a bright star") performed by the Mutyn village women's folk choir from the Krolovets region, Sumy province in Ukraine.

The claim by Putin of Ukraine being a Soviet invention that lacks a distinct culture, undeserving of its own country, is a monstrous lie.

My Mother was born into an Ukrainian immigrant family in the rural Alberta community Derwent in Canada. This community was almost entirely Ukrainian, most who had come to Canada in the early 1900s on promise of land and to escape serfdom and later collectivism. They kept their language and traditions, remaining wholly Ukrainain. Despite being the second generation born in Canada, my Mother spoke nothing but Ukrainian until she was 6 years old.

I was raised with many of the same practices and feel more closely connected to the Ukrainian culture than any other. It is a distinct culture with roots thousands of years old that has survived countless invasions and attempts at erasure.

Slava Ukraini! Heroyem Slava!" - LNS

Produced by LNS.
Mix engineering by DJ Sotofett.
Mastered by Lawrie Immersion.



A1. Pizzica Tarantata N. 014 Rework 4:54 

 A2. Birch feat. Nadia Sparrow 6:56 

 B1. Shale feat. Nadia Sparrow 6:10 

 B2. Misiats 6:54

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