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Low Jack and Clara!

Les Disques De La Bretagne (2LP)

Les Disques De La Bretagne (2LP)

Label: Editions Gravats
Cat No: BZH2018

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Low Jack and Clara! ‎– Les Disques De La Bretagne

Low Jack ‎– Riddims du Lieu-dit

A1. Free Eternally 3:02
A2. Partei 1:56
A3. They Rule 2:45
A4. Brass 3:29

B1. Raid Leader 2:07
B2. Robert 3:15
B3. Light 2:09
B4. One Pop 3:15

Clara! y Maoupa ‎– Meneo

A1. Ruge 02:46
A2. Ruge (Instrumental) 02:46
A3. Ruge (Acapella) 02:42

B1. El Ratón 03:52
B2. El Ratón (Instrumental) 03:52
B3. Discordia 03:21


Low Jack and Clara! ‎– Les Disques De La Bretagne

Low Jack and Clara! sealed a killer first year for the mutant dancehall series ‘Les Disques De La Bretagnes’ with this very necessary double-pack including their long sold out installments for the series.

Launched earlier in 2018 as a sublabel of Editions Gravats, Les Disques De Las Bretagnes quickly became a go-to home for ruffneck, forward new spins on the Black Atlantic links between dancehall, reggaeton and electronic music. Following Iueke’s killer ‘Champion’ 12” - as played by Aphex Twin - the label extended this very handy catch up of Low Jack and Clara! y Maoupa’s 12”s packaged as a 2LP with new sleeve art.

Of Honduran heritage and based in France, Low Jack brings a unique sidespin on dancehall templates with his ‘Riddims du lieu-dit’ LP. Originally one side of a split tape with Equiknoxx for Bokeh Versions, its edits of Industrial obscurities and classic dancehall made for a rude, refreshing take on ‘80s and ‘90s digi-dub and dancehall that sold out within a week. Likewise, Clara! y Maoupa treated reggaeton with a mix of reverence and daring, twisting classic ‘90s ragga with bumping dembow while also introducing the Spanish artist as a deadly vocalist. Her Ruge is without question one of the deadliest tracks of the year - so good!!!!

100% deadly.

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