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Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I (2LP)

Label: Clone Classic Cuts
Cat No: C#CC22LP

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A1. Welcome To Drexciya 2:15
A2. Wavejumper 6:40
A3. Lardossen Funk 3:56

B1. Bubble Metropolis 5:53
B2. Hydro Theory 6:48
B3. Take Your Mind 2:42

C1. Aquarazorda 5:52
C2. Unknown Journey I 4:45
C3. Dehydration 2:55
C4. Beyond The Abyss 2:17

D1. Sea Quake 4:22
D2. Rubick's Cube 6:23
D3. Darthouven Fish Men 2:53


Drexciya - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller I

The first installment in Clone's essential four-part Drexciya anthology. This incredible double-LP compilation focuses on the first five years of the mysterious electro duo's career and features tracks originally released via Underground Resistance, Submerge, Shockwave and Warp Records.