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Thomas Bangalter

Irreversible OST (2LP)

Label: Roulé
Cat No: ROULE LP 01

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A1. Irreversible - 6:32
A2. Tempus Edax Rerum - 1:14
A3. Symphony Nø 9 In D Major - Adagio (G. Mahler) - 1:49
A4. Rectum - 6:23
A5. Night Beats - 2:17

B1. Stress - 6:41
B2. Paris By Night - 6:05
B3. Outrage - 6:29

C1. Outrun - 5:42
C2. Spinal Scratch - 6:29
C3. Extra Dry - 4:57

D1. Desaccords - 3:48
D2. Ventura / Into The Tunnel - 5:47
D3. Mon Manege A Moi (Etienne Daho) - 3:51
D4. Symphonie Nø 7 In A Major Op.92 (L.V. Beethoven) - 3:23
D5. The End - 1:11


As rare as hen's teeth this one - originally released on the Roulé label back in 2001 and with no sign of a forthcoming repress - Thomas Bangalter's Irreversible OST still reigns supreme as the undersung masterwork of the Daft Punk canon.

Always the seemingly more intriguing half of Daft Punk - Bangalter proves himself a worthy rival to Goblin, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream et al with this dread-filled exercise in electronic tension. From the classic, horror-score electronics of the opening title track, through to Rectum's queasy experiments in low-end disorientation and the unrelenting 4/4 techno assault of Stress (plus plenty more in-between), Bangalter's Irreversible OST is the perfect accompaniment to Gaspar Noé's unforgettable assault on the senses.

But it's not all doom and gloom - they were kind enough to throw in four classic Roulé bangers (including Bangalter's 'Outrun', 'Spinal Scratch', and 'Extra Dry') so you can play it in the club too. Perfect.