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Underground Resistance

Interstellar Fugitives (3LP)

Interstellar Fugitives (3LP)

Label: Underground Resistance
Cat No: UR-045

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A1. Suburban Knight A.K.A. James Pennington - Maroon
A2. UR - Nannytown

B1. Gerald Mitchell A.K.A. The Deacon - Soulsaver
B2. The Aztec Mystic A.K.A. DJ Rolando - Mi Raza

C1. Perception A.K.A. Chuck Gibson - Mirage
C2. Chaos A.K.A. Marc Floyd - Afrogermanic

D1. Drexciya - Aquatacizem
D2. The Infiltrator A.K.A. Andre Holland - Thought 1

E1. Mad Mike - Moor Horseman On Bolarus 5
E2. Chameleon - Thought 2

F1. Andre Holland - Unabomber
F2. UR - Negative Evolution


Typically indispensable Underground Resistance release. 12 killer tracks of militant Detroit Techno/Electro pressed up nice and loud across 3LPs. Worth it just for the Drexciya and Chaos tracks alone.

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