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Aphex Twin

I Care Because You Do (2LP)

Label: Warp Records
Cat No: WARPLP30

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A1. Acrid Avid Jam Shred
A2. The Waxen Pith
A3. Wax The Nip

B1. Icct Hedral (Edit)
B2. Ventolin (Video Version)
B3. Come On You Slags!

C1. Start As You Mean To Go On
C2. Wet Tip Hen Ax
C3. Mookid

D1. Alberto Balsalm
D2. Cow Cud Is A Twin
D3. Next Heap With


Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do

I Care Because You Do is another flawless mid-90s IDM pinnacle from Mr Pritchard D Jams - from the lo-fi hardcore techno of 'Come On You Slags!' to the majestic, sweeping and very unsettling Icct Hedral (later covered by Philip Glass) there is, of course, not a single second of filler on this third release for Warp Records