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John Carpenter

Halloween III OST (LP)

Halloween III OST (LP)

Label: MCA Records
Cat No: MCA 6115

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A1. Main Title 2:55
A2. Chariots Of Pumpkins 3:24
A3. Drive To Santa Mira 2:29
A4. Starker And Marge 1:53
A5. First Chase 3:09
A6. Robots At The Factory 2:00
A7. Halloween Montage 1:38

B1. Hello Grandma 4:53
B2. The Rock 3:25
B3. Challis Escapes 3:30
B4. South Corridor 2:58
B5. Goodbye Ellie 4:09


Original 1982 pressing of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's score for the criminally underrated Halloween III - classic eerie synth atmospherics and arpeggios abound.

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