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God Loves Ugly (3LP)

God Loves Ugly (3LP)

Label: Rhymesayers
Cat No: FBR5001-1

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A1. "Onemosphere"       2:19
A2. "The Bass and the Movement"       4:04
A3. "Give Me"       4:02

B1. "Fuck You Lucy"       5:33
B2. "Hair"       3:23
B3. "GodLovesUgly"       3:52

C1. "A Song About a Friend"       4:28
C2. "Flesh" (feat. I Self Devine)     4:09
C3. "Saves the Day"       3:44

D1. "Lovelife"       3:35
D2. "Breathing"       3:02
D3. "Vampires"       4:19

E1. "A Girl Named Hope"       2:09
E2. "GodLovesUgly Reprise"       1:49
E3. "Modern Man's Hustle"       3:47
E4. "One of a Kind"       3:30

F1. "Blamegame"       4:50
F2. "Shrapnel"       6:53


God Loves Ugly is the second studio album from Minneapolis indie hip hop kings Atmosphere

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