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DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell

Fresh Insights EP 1 (12")

Fresh Insights EP 1 (12")

Label: Comatonse Recordings
Cat No: C.023

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DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell ‎– Fresh Insights EP 1

A1. Insights 9:08
B1. Fresh 10:13


DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell ‎– Fresh Insights EP 1

Incredible, spell-binding deep house courtesy of Terre Thaemlitz and Mark Fell - with more than a little help from Tony Benn (R.I.P.).

"More than two years since their union on the ‘Complete Spiral’ EP (C.021), which notably placed N.U.M. leader Arthur Scargill on a New York-style deep house groove, DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell reprise that formula to spellbinding degrees on ‘Fresh Insights EP 1’. In a knowing nod to Larry Heard and countless other producers deployment of *that* MLK speech, they ally a rousing Tony Benn speech with a subtly arousing deep house groove in the 10 minute ‘Fresh’, matching the passionately purposeful rhythm of Benn’s speech with the proud, head-high poise of classic, early ‘90s deep house - and we’re not talking tribal tats and ‘roid music here. It’s a genius and thoroughly commendable move, bound to turn heads and move bodies, physically and emotionally, in any club.

The instrumental track ‘Insights’ over on the flip is almost plain in comparison, yet is actually one of the most sick, incredibly produced pieces of deep, dub-wise house craft you’ll likely hear this year - or any other. A stone-cold essential if you ask us."

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