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Jay Glass Dubs

Epitaph (LP w/ download)

Epitaph (LP w/ download)

Label: Bokeh Versions
Cat No: BKV023

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Jay Glass Dubs - Epitaph

A1. Seikilos & To Console Him
A2. Animal Estate feat. Yorgia Karidi
A3. Evil Empire feat. Ben Vince
A4. Interlude I (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle)
A5. A New Model For Emulation

B1. Intro
B2. Laid Down feat. Yorgia Karidi
B3. To My Benefitors
B4. Interlude II (Emergency Blanket)
B5. Reckless


Jay Glass Dubs - Epitaph

"On Epitaph things are different - Jay’s voice croons crystalline over goth futurism for the first time on record (if you haven’t heard of Ku….) - he sings one of the oldest Greek songs ever written and has spent the last year doing impromptu vocal covers of Tricky tracks in Cambridge pubs. And did you notice the tracks don’t have dub in the title any more? 

This is the first proper proper solo LP from Jay Glass Dubs - a widescreen vision of 4AD nightmares, ballads for River Styx crossings and echoes that never end. It’s This Mortal Coil if they knew about dungeon synth and Metalheadz and still thought dub techno was boring as fuck. 

Epitaph follows his 2LP retrospective of ‘the tape years’ ‘Dubs‘, on Not Waving’s Ecstatic Recordings; and his 12” mini-LP with Leslie Winer on Bokeh early in 2018. It’s his 5th and no way final release for Bokeh (do you remember BKV 002 the slowest dancehall mixtape ever made?) Realised with help of Greek vocalist and performing artist Yorgia Karidi and a special saxophone guest spot from Ben Vince (Curl, Where To Now, Hessle Audio). Bokeh graphic visionary Patrick Savile’s sensually airbrushed and peeled lemon closes this funeral casket of all the things you thought you knew about Jay Glass Dubs." - MILES, Head of Research - BKV Industrial


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