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Grava 4 (2LP)

Grava 4 (2LP)

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Drexciya – Grava 4

Drexciya presents Grava 4. Earth has finally discovered Utopia. (Drexciya Home Universe) Earth scientist discovered the home planet of Drexciya on 2-14-2002. Within moments Dr. Blowfin was given the orders to initiate the seven dimensional cloaking-spheres to hide the other three planets from earths view. The star chart is authentic; you will be able to find the star by using the coordinations on the star chart. The planet Drexciya can be found in the international star vault in Switzerland & recorded in the astronomical compendium.



A1. Cascading Celestial Giants 8:40

A2. Gravity Waves 6:14

B1. Powers Of The Deep 8:48

B2. Drexcyen Star Chamber 6:11

C1. Drexcyen R.E.S.T. Principle 6:16

C2. Hightech Nomads 5:39

D1. 700 Million Lightyears From Earth 5:11

D2. Astronomical Guidepost 7:45


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