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Boom Bip

Doo Doo Tones Volume 1 (LP)

Doo Doo Tones Volume 1 (LP)

Label: Mush Records
Cat No: MH-602

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A1. Show And Prove
A2. That Sound
A3. The Mass
A4. Thank You, Mr. Theremin
A5. Droppin' Sticks
A6. The Masterbator
A7. Raver Girl On Prozak
A8. Out There Is A Place
A9. Stout

B1. My Pet Rock
B2. Six String Fuck
B3. I Hate Trance
B4. Duborama
B5. Briar's Love Crank
B6. Deepy
B7. Rapapella
B8. Call Your Mother
B9. Listen To The Drummer


The second release in a series of surreal battle weapons/breaks releases by Boom Bip - an early release on Mush.

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