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Peder Mannerfelt

Daily Routine (LP)

Daily Routine (LP)

Label: Peder Mannerfelt Produktion
Cat No: PMLP003

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Peder Mannerfelt - Daily Routine

A1. Introductions & Aspirations
A2. Hibernation Hyper Nation
A3. Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)
A4. Sissel & Bass feat. Sissel Wincent
A5. Belgian Blues (Black MIDI Mix)

B1. How Was Your Day? (Numb)
B2. This Machine Shares Memes
B3. Weighing My Brain
B4. Temporary Psychosis (VIP Mix)
B5. Tried It (Blue On Blue)


Peder Mannerfelt - Daily Routine

Limited to 300 copies and includes a hand painted, uniquely numbered print.

"Peder Mannerfelt plays into the widest angles of his “power ambient” sound on ‘Daily Routine’, a killer study into the way rave music intersects domestic life...

The 10 tracks range from decade-old productions to hyper new cut-ups of his brothers' records bought in London in summer ’88, but all betray an increasing embrace of complexity and layered, asymmetric design that will keep his ever-growing mob of followers fascinated at every turn.

The preceding single track ‘Temporary Psychosis (VIP)’ is a definitive highlight, riding the finest line between deadly rave function and pranging unpredictability, while other dancefloor highlights come on strong in the pointillist rave puncture of ‘Sissel & Bass’ featuring a killer vocal by Sissel Wincent, and the rabid churn of ‘This Machine Shares Memes’.

But that would be to neglect the album’s central pschedelic nature and the way it will be used, at home, in prosaic domesticity, where the far flung and undulating topography of pieces such as the sardonic ‘Introductions & Aspiration’, the darkside creep of ‘Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)’, and the exasperated rave of ‘How Was Your Day? (Numb)’ will likely induce listeners to laugh, bruk out, curl up, and climb the walls in their own personal space."

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