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Boom Bip & Doseone

Circle (2LP)

Circle (2LP)

Label: Mush Records
Cat No: MH-201

Media condition: Very Good (VG)
Sleeve condition: Very Good (VG)
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A1. Open 0:10
A2. The Bird Catcher 3:10
A3. Square 0:51
A4. Dead Man's Teal 2:57
A5. Re: The Rarity Of Meaningful Experience 1:08
A6. Directions To California 1:37
A7. The Lantern 3:19
A8. "Art Saved My Life" - 71 1:37

B1. Questions Over Coffee 3:16
B2. Wishful Thinking 2:51
B3. Ironish 3:39
B4. 21 To 35 0:23
B5. Slight 3:17
B6. "Open Quotes 0:54
B7. Town Crier's Walk 4:25

C1. Fence Hopping 1:35
C2. Poetic License 1:30
C3. Viewfinder 1:08
C4. The Birdcatcher's Return 4:11
C5. Sleep Talkin 2:43
C6. Gin 5:03

D1. Goddamn Telephone 2:48
D2. I Get It 0:13
D3. Me And People 3:54
D4. Ho's 0:38
D5. Square... No Corners 1:37
D6. This Album Was Meant To Be Myself But Somewhere Along The Line It Ended Up Feeling More Like You... Yet... 0:36
D7. The Birdcatcher's Oath 5:20
D8. Close 5:27


Boom Bip & Doseone - Circle

A complete re-imagining of the hip-hop concept/genre courtesy of Boom Bip and Anticon stalwart Dose One. Ranks alongside the first Clouddead LP as one of the finer (and truly) avant-garde rap records.

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