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John Carpenter

Assault On Precinct 13 OST (LP)

Assault On Precinct 13 OST (LP)

Label: Record Makers
Cat No: Rec-12

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A1. Assault On Precinct 13 ( Main Title)
A2. Napoleon Wilson
A3. Street Thunder
A4. Precinct 9 - Division 13
A5. Targets / Ice Cream Man On Edge
A6. Wrong Flavour

B1. Emergy Stop
B2. Lawson's Revenge
B3. Sanctuary?
B4. Second Wave
B5. The Windows!
B6. Julie
B7. Well's Flight
B8. To The Basement
B9. Walking Out
B10. Assault On Precinct 13


A 2003 pressing on heavyweight vinyl of John Carpenter's classic and definitive eerie synth masterwork - comes in gatefold sleeve including liner notes and interview with the man himself.


It is interesting (but not surprising) that the soundtrack for ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 is only 26 minutes long. In my own defense, it was all the time I could afford in the recording studio. I had to compose and perform a few mood pieces that I could use again and again through the movie. This was 1976 - the days of ultra-low-budget movie-making. The entire cost of Assault was $100,000. You can imagine how much we spent on the score.

Before recording ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13's music, I thought of Bernard Hermann and his ability to achieve maximum impact from minimum means. As I recall, I had about 3 days to complete the score. I remember having great difficulty with a quiet piano sequence to be played over the death of Nancy Loomis' character Julie. The main title theme was relatively easy after we established the beat. Ice Cube told me 25 years later that the beat always comes first.

ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 is a truly minimalist score. I never imagined that anyone anywhere at any time would listen to the music on its own away from the images and narrative. I'm grateful for this LP. I hope you enjoy it.

John Carpenter

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