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Arthur Russell

Another Thought (2LP)

Another Thought (2LP)

Label: Arc Light Editions
Cat No: ALE 001

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A1. Another Thought 2:14
A2. A Little Lost 3:17
A3. Home Away From Home 5:11
A4. Lucky Cloud 2:12

B1. This Is How We Walk On The Moon 4:41
B2. Hollow Tree 2:28
B3. See Through Love 4:46

C1. Keeping Up 6:18
C2. In The Light Of The Miracle 6:03
C3. Lucky Cloud (Return) 2:59
C4. Just A Blip 3:39

D1. Me For Real 4:52
D2. Losing My Taste For The Night Life 4:33
D3. My Tiger, My Timing 5:39
D4. A Sudden Chill 2:42


Arthur Russell - Another Thought

Long overdue vinyl reissue of the classic Arthur Russell compilation Another Thought - originally released by Philip Glass in 1994 on his Point Music label.

Words from Arc Light Editions:

"Originally released on CD in 1994 and reissued in 2006, this is the first time Arthur Russell's Another Thought has been released on vinyl.

Arthur Russell's Another Thought was first released posthumously in 1994, two years after his death. The tracks date from between 1982 to around 1990, catalogued from over 800 tape reels by Mikel Rouse for Point Music, and produced by Don Christensen. While it is a collection of tracks in various stages of completion, often sparse and direct, it is perhaps the most sonically coherent album ever released of Russell’s material. Another Thought includes appearances by trombonist Peter Zummo, percussionist Mustafa Ahmed, additional vocals by composers Julius Eastman and Elodie Lauten, plus Joyce Bowden, Jennifer Warnes and Steven Hall."

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