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Fingers Inc.

Another Side (3LP)

Another Side (3LP)

Label: Alleviated Records
Cat No: ML-9001

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A1. Decision 4:46
A2. Bye Bye 5:35
A3. Never No More Lonely 5:29

B1. Shadows 4:28
B2. Another Side 5:29
B3. So Glad 6:18

C1. I'm Strong 5:21
C2. A Love Of My Own 6:00
C3. Distant Planet 5:20

D1. Feelin' Sleazy 5:07
D2. Music Take Me Up 6:39

E1. Mystery Friend 5:07
E2. Mystery Of Love (Album Version) 6:28

F1. A Path 5:39
F2. Bring Down The Walls 5:36
F3. Can You Feel It 5:45


Fingers Inc. - Another Side

The indisputable Chicago house classic remastered and pressed up loud across 3 discs - with 4 vinyl-only tracks not available on the CD. One of the most important house full-lengths of all time and absolutely essential.

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