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DJ Residue

211 Circles Of Rushing Water (12")

Label: The Trilogy Tapes
Cat No: TTT067

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Sleeve condition: NEW

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A1. Blackline
A2. Hand-Crafted Among The Stars
A3. Do U Have Suggestions
A4. Triple-Arched Gateway

B1. Meditation Fee
B2. 211 Circles Of Rushing Water
B3. Combi Zooooc
B4. Shallow Bowl

DJ Residue - 211 Circles Of Rushing Water

Gunnar Wendel aka Kassem Mosse aka DJ Residue returns to TTT for an eight-track mini album of DIY dance and experimental oddities which were "recorded over the course of five days in summer in an apartment with no AC in New York with random instruments found inside the apartment (a moog radioshack synth & two zildjian cymbals)."